You may notice that we mention kindness often. From our site to our social media.

A little background:

Growing up, my grandmother was one of my first and most influential role models. A gentle but fierce spirit who loved me and everyone, deeply. She was a humble woman and consistently modeled kindness for me. For children, adults, animals - anyone and anything with breath, was given an abundance of kindness.

When I was finally able to launch the Atlanta Family Foundation, all of the lessons I was able to see firsthand from my grandmother came back, clear as a bell. At the end of the day, I want people to know that regardless of what has or is taking place in their lives, that they deserve at the very least, kindness.

When you think of kindness, maybe you land on being 'nice' to others or simply being a 'good person'. There's nothing wrong with that - I LOVE THAT. But for me, and my team, we want more. For one another but first and foremost, for those we are trusted to partner with.

Kindness shows up in many ways.

Not being judgmental about someone and the difficult circumstance they find themselves in. Treating everyone we encounter as an equal. More than, 'paying it forward' - actually living it as a way of life.

Kindness is our team's shared ethic. And we want to exhibit that in all ways. From how we support our families to how we create ripples in our community.

As we move from behind the scenes in our giving and support, you'll hopefully see what my grandmother instilled in me in all we do. We celebrated our 1 year anniversary in January and are excited to share some projects we hope you will join us in.

For now, I hope that you and all within your circles - from family and friends, to colleagues and the barista you see daily on your way to the office, feel the kindness you are walking in, during these very different and unprecedented times.

- Jada
Founder, Atlanta Family Foundation

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